Ariya "You'd Better Believe Me!" paroles

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You'd Better Believe Me!

They call me the Iron SnakeTombed in the city hell,All my life in prison,Such a fuckingfeeling - known so well.But I could break through the walls,I rode the wind and won!All of them are wrong:I feel sohandsome and so proud,You'd better believe me!Then I left and saw a snake,My double might been stall...Oh, my bike's colliding,I had timeto realize: that's all!Dying - nothing feels so strange,I've never felt this way!Lights will got me judging,My numb body crumbling away...You'd better believe me!

Forgive me, Blessed, I'm wrong, not right!And then I saw the blinding light.Oh, I'll be crucified tonight!I have another wind to ride!

I have tried to call my friend -He didn't hear my voice.I got up to touch him, maybe they've seen,they have had no choice."Life means death and death means life" -The Shining told me twice.Dying now, oh Jesus, I was quiet.The sun begins to rise...

Forgive me bless, I will be right,I never saw the blinding light,I will be crucified tonight...I've got another wind to ride!

Ici on peut trouver les paroles de la chanson You'd Better Believe Me! de Ariya. Ou les paroles du poème You'd Better Believe Me!. Ariya You'd Better Believe Me! texte. Peut également être connu par son titre Youd Better Believe Me (Ariya) texte.