George Wassouf "3alem 2albi ash-sho2" paroles

Traduction vers: EN

علم قلبي الشوق الشوق علم عيني السهر

خدني قلبي لفوق وانا حجيلك عالقمر

وارفرف بالهوى علشان قلبي هوى

ما انت لروحي الدوا وانت انت لعيني النظر

حبك فيا معلم وغرامك بيعلم يا مسهر اشواقي اه منك يا معلم

قد العالم واكتر فوق انت ما تتصور حبيتك وغرامك جوايا ما يتقدر

*Repeated lines have been left out

Teach my heart passion, passion and teach my eyes to stay up

My heart lifted me up high and I will meet you at the moon

And I soar in the wind because my heart is the wind

Because you are the cure for my soul and you, you are the sight to my eyes

Your love in me is a teacher, and your love teaches me, oh you, the one who's awakened my longing, ohh you, my teacher

The quantity of the world and more than you can imagine, I loved you, and your love in me can not be shaken