Wael Kfoury "Bel Gharam" paroles

Traduction vers: EN DE RO

khally layly bel 7annan yetool

w 5ally 7aly bel hawa mashghool

ktebny kelmy lelzaman te2ool

bel gharam, bel gharam, bel gharam

bel gharam ha el kaon ebtada

w ya salam mesh ba2y 7ada

w 2alby ana 3a7alo ehtada bel gharam

ma fe ngoom ma badda 2ammar

w ma fe layel ma baddo sahar

w ma fe 3oyoun ma feeha nazar bel gharam

bel gharam ra7 ghanny ana

w bel manam 3am shoufak ana

kteer be7abbak meshta2llak ana bel gharam

law betkoon besabe3 sama

ra7 betkoon law7a rasema

be7eb tmon tefham bel wama bel gharam

Make my nights of tenderness longer

ANd let me be busy in love

Write me a word for time to say

In love, in love, in love

With love the universe started

And wow it's not anyone

And my heart on it's own filled with love

There are no stars and it doesn't need a moon

And there are no nights that are not sleepless

And there are no eyes that don't have the look of love in them

In love I will sing

And in my sleep I see you

I love you so much, I miss you in love

If you were in the seventh heaven

You will be my work of art

I love to owe you, you understand in desire, in love