Mohammad Skandar "Ghorfet Amaleyat (غرفة عمليات)" lírica

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غرفة عمليات
بخاف عليكي بعدها
تلات ارباع البنات
صارت تشبه بعضها

مش رح حبك أكتر
لما خدودِك تظهر
و مش رح موت عليكِ
لمّا شفافِك تكبَر

حلوة خلقة ربك
و لو ما كنت بحبك
ما كان من الغيرة
أكبر راس تكسر

مش رح إرضى بتجميل
يغير طعمة بوستك
و إلمس إشيا بتسيل
و فكر حالي لمستك

و بدك للصراحة
العالم مش مرتاحة
كتار اخترب بيتن
بعد هالجراحة

و إذا إنت انجرحت
يعني قلبي دبحت
و أنا بقتُل دكتورِك
حتّى لو رشّحتِ

بعدِك ستّ الحلوين
و متل البدر اللّي بالفضا
غير اللّي مجبورين
اللّه لا يجرّب حدا

القصّة مش تسلاية
أو موضة و هواية
اللّي بسحرِك مش لازم
توقَف عَ المراية

و اللّي بينصحوكِ
هودي بيكرهوكِ
كلّ شهر بمستشفى
حتّى يشبهوكِ

[It's] an operation room
that I fear for you after going through
75% of the girls
now look like each other

I won't love you more
when your cheeks become more prominent
nor will I die of loving you
when your lips get bigger

The way God created you is beautiful
and if I hadn't been in love with you
I wouldn't, out of jealousy,
shattered heads [for you]

I won't accept a cosmetic [operation]
that would change the taste of your kiss
and touching liquid things
and thinking that I am touching you

And do you want the honesty?
People are not comfortable
A lot of people had their homes wrecked
after this operation

And if you were to be hurt,
it would mean you have slaughtered my heart
I would kill your doctor
even if you advised against it

You are still the sweetest of women
and like the full moon in the sky
You are unlike the ones who are forced [to go to operations]
May God never force anyone's hands

The issue is not a game
or a fad or a hobby
Women of your charm should not
even sit by the mirror

And those who advise you [to do it]
Those people hate you
Every month they are in a hospital
so that they can look like you

Language: Arabic

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