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Nora Istrefi "Vetëm mua" lírica

Traducción al: EN DE SR

Tre dite ne muaj une jam e lirë
nje ore e dua te jem me ty
nente jane minutat qe grindemi ooouu
pese here me thua se sa me do
dy fjale e puthje ne qdo sekond
shtate jane lutjet qe te mos shkoj hoooooj

Zemer ti pse nuk me thua
une te besoj dhe te dua
se nje shpirt une nuk e gjej dot
me thuaj sooot vetem mua.(x2)

three days in a month, i am free
i want one hour to be with you
nine are the minutes that we fight/argue
five times you tell me that you love me
two words and a kiss, in every second
seven are soliciting for me to not leave

why don't you call me "sweetheart"
i believe you and love you
why can't i find a "my soul"
tell me today, only me