Cleopatra Stratan "Gaste-gaste" lírica

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Toate gastele-ntr-o zi
Au fugit de-acasa
Care pe la balta
Care la terasa
De dimneata suparat
Nevoie mare
Sta gansacul ingamfat
Catand raspuns la intrebare

Oare unde s-o fi dus
Gastele mele,
Parca m-am purtat frumos
Pana acum cu ele
Poate au crezut ca eu
Sa stau pe oUa
Lasa ca veniti acasa
Va arat eu voua

Uite gastele se-ntorc
Au facut baita-n lAc
Si sunt mai frumoase
Dar de ce pe gansacul lor
Nu-l prinde graba
Sa le-ntimpine cu dor
Nu, nu-i chiar buna treaba

Poate el s-o fi certat
In drum cu broaste
Ori poate a pascut vreo iarba
Care nu se paste
Ce se-ntampla doctore
De prea e rece
Lasa ca intram noi in contet
Il purtam si-i trece!

Gaste-gaste- ga-ga-ga
Vreti mancare- da-da-da

all the gooses one day
ran away from their home
some of them (went) to the lake
some of them to the terrace
in the morning angry
(very angry)
the gander stays conceited
looking for an answer to the question

where went
my gooses
i was acting nicely
so far with them
maybe they thought that i
will stay on the eggs
u will come home
i will show u!

look the gooses come back
they took a bath in the lake
and are beautiful
but why their gander
doesnt hurry
to welcome them with wistfulness
no , the thing isnt so good

maybe he argued
in the way with frogs
or maybe he browsed some kind of grass
who wasnt made for browsing
what happens doctore
why is he so cold
nevermind we will enter in the coop
we will kiss him and he will be fine

gooses gooses ga ga ga
u want food yeah yeah yeah