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Joseph Attieh "Manno Jereh (منو جرح)" lírica

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منّو جرح
ل إنتَ تركتو فيّي
هيدا ذَبح
وجايي تكفّي عليّي
لو متِل ما بتقول
إنّي بقدر خونَك
فكْرك كنت معقول
إطَلّع بعيونَك

خلّصني من جنونك يَلّا
فِلّ وبلا تفكير
سلّم عَ حكاياتنا
رَح تشتقلا كتير
حكايات حبّيتَك فيها
خلْصِت بكّير

أنتَ بتعرف
إنو القصّة
ما فينا نكَفيها
وتقريباً ما عادت عينَك
حبّها وفكّر فيها
وكل ما شفافك تحكي شفافي
صارت عم تئذيها

It is not a wound
that you left in me
It is a slaughter
And you've come to finish me off
If it were as you say it is,
That I can betray you,
then do you think it would be possible for me
to look you in the eye?

Rid me of your madness, come on
Leave, without thinking
Wave our stories goodbye
You will miss them a lot..
[They are] stories that I loved you in
[and they] ended early

You know
that the story
is not something we can continue
And I think that I no longer
love your eyes and think about them
And whenever your lips talk to mine
they now hurt them