Kovacs "He Talks That Shit" lyrics

He Talks That Shit

Somewhat stay downI just have to try itHe is obtrusiveI don't really mind itCalls him my dearWith all his silver liningStill I can't say what he wants from meSo now I just wait home in bedAnd when I think of us I'm sadI'm just in the mood I'm inI'm just with the men I'm withI come and beg you, I have to keep on tryingI wanna do you, darling there is no hidingWe need a new start, make out no more dyingKnow that my heart wants to say

[Chorus:]I do want himCause he is capable of everythingI do want himAnd how our love this right will end

Thing with my men is he keeps on lyingFeels like quicksand, stories I don't buyBe my lifeguardSave me when I'm drowningStill I do say he is the one for me

Then he says his strange things like he doesAnd he prays like he prays and he talks like he talksHe is rude like he shouldHe's broke like I'm brokeAnd he spits when he shits and he smokes all my smokesI'm no angel no I'm hard to handleRock the cradleGlad you didn't goNeed you my dear keeping me out of troubleAnd now I have to find a way


And now I tell him why don't you save meAnd now I tell him go on and brace meOh you better stop us falling down [x2]


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