Albanian Folk "Moj Hatixhe" lyrics

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Moj Hatixhe, moj n'shami t'kuqe,
Ti ngjyn nona majo flokt a kuqe. (2X)
Flokt e kuqe ti shitoft zana,
A po t'dhimen o baba e nona? (2X)
Baba, nona, dy vllaznija,
Shkoj te burri o m'rrok pleqnija. (2X)
Shkoj te burri, m'rrok pleqnija,
Për kanaci m'rrokin o fmija (2X)
Për kanaci o m'rrokin o fmija,
Lypin o buken o argashtija. (2X)
Lypin o buken o argashtija,
Mall i kom o tezhat e mira. (2X)

Oh Hatixhe, with a red headscarf,
Your mother will color your hair with red dye. (2X)
Red hair, enchanted by spirits,
Isn't it painful leaving your father and mother?
Your father, mother and two brothers,
I'll go to my husband as old age gets to me. (2X)
I'll go to my husband as old age gets to me,
The children grab my apron. (2X)
Oh the children grab my apron,
The workers ask for some food. (2X)
The workers ask for food,
Oh how I miss being a bride. (2X0