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Diary of Dreams "The Luxury of Insanity" lyrics

Translation to: EL IT

In this very moment I embrace all I have
Nothing to urge for and nothing to lose
I endure the insane, survive every pain,
Bear every burden and feel no more shame for you

Again I walk faster, a goal on my mind
My heart is still raging, I shiver like mad
I focus again and stare into nowhere,
Swallow the floods to see nothing is left for me

My vice, my skin
My flesh, my sin
You will be born from the ashes of our souls

My time has come
Thy will be done
You will be born from the ashes of our souls

The future lies bare and has nothing to hide
We live for the moment, suppress what we feel
Hold on to the pain, it proves you’re alive
Shattered we seem, let me drown in the end for you