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Kannadasan "Ange maalaimayakkam yaarukkaga" lyrics

Translation to: EN

anggE mAlai mayakkam yArukkAga
inggE mayanggkum iraNdu pErukkAga
idhu nALai varum enRu kAththirunthAl
oru nALallavO vINAgum


Adas solvathu thEnmalar nURu
arunthas solvathu mAngganis sARu
kUdas solvathu kAviri ARu
koduppAr koduththAl maRuppavar yAru


kEttuk koLvathu kAthalin inimai
kEttAl tharuvathu kAthali kadamai
inbam enpathu iruvarin urimai
yAr kEttAlum iLamaikkup perumai


credit: chandru

The twilIght is setting in, for,
But us two, also getting immersed in to passion.
No possibilty to wait for the morrow, lest a day is prevented being.
The flowers, the fruits and their juices, the flowing waters, all suggest succumbing to desire.
After all who will be unwilling if the other is willing.
To ask for what you want, is the beauty of love.
It is as-if my duty to give when asked by you.
The joy of love is as-if a right of both the lovers,[post-marriage]
Whoever it may be to ask, it only celebrates youth.[not for forever].