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Pink Martini "Omide Zendegani" lyrics

Translation to: EN

*Rafti az kenaaram
Az shahr o diyaaram
Ey omide zendegaani
Raft az dooriye to aaraam o gharaaram
Hamcho ayyaame javaani

*Ghaafel ze ahvaale man dar shoore masti
Rafti delam az gham shekasti
Baal o pare morghe omidam raa basti
Taa reshteye olfat gosasti

Roshan ze rokhe to aashiyaane man budi
Hame shab
To munese jaan to hamzabaane man budi
Hame shab

Sobham shode shaam
Ruzam cho muye to
Oftaade be daam
Seidi be kuye to

Repeat *

*You left me
You left my city and homeland
Oh you the hope of life
From your absence my peace and composure are gone
Just like the days of youth

*Unaware of my feelings in the passion of drunkenness
You left, you broke my sad heart
You bound the wings of my bird of hope
Until you detached our bond of affection

My house was bright because of your face
All night
You were my only mate, you were my companion
All night

My morning has become night
My day like your hair (i.e. black)
In the trap has stuck
A prey in your way

Repeat *