Tangled (OST) "Ana yama shoft (e3ada) ((أنا ياما شفت (إعادة) [Mother Knows Best (Reprise)]" lyrics

Translation to: EN

هيحب فيك ايه؟ فوقي بقى لنفسك
مش معقول فاكره واقع في الحب؟
هتحبي حرامي؟ تعالى لمامي
ده نا

رابنزل كده كبرت
رابنزل فاهمه وحلوه
آنسة شطوره بجد

احساسك مش كذب
عال لو حاسه بأمان
روحيله وإديله التاج
ده اللى بيسعى اليه
وبيكذب عليك, هياخده منك ويطير

اسمعي الكلام هخلع في لحظة
والميه تكذب النار
لأ احساسك مش كذب
لو بحبك حنشوف
وان ماهربش أبقى خسرت
وان جيتيلي تعيطيلي
يبقى أنا قلت

What could he love about you? Snap out of it!
No way you think he's actually fallen in love?
Are you going to love a thief? Come to mommy
This is I

Now Rapunzel has grown up
She's aware and sweet
A real sharp young lady..

"Your feeling does not lie"
It's great if you feel safety..
Go to him and give him the crown
That is what he is going after
And he lies to you, he'll take it from you and fly away

Listen to what I'm saying, he'll bail out in a moment
It is as clear day1
"No your feeling does not lie"
[Well] if he really loves you, we'll see
And if he did not run away, then I lost [the bet]
But if you come and cry to me...
Then I told you so.