Chris Rea "Angelina" lyrics

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Angellina takes each empty glassAnd washes away every heartacheShe calls out to the guys to drink upWhat’s left of their soulAngelina each glass of hope that you fillIs now empty and waitingWaiting for some kind of loveBefore their trail has gone cold

Each butchered dreamHas a matching faceFor each storyEach lonely heart in this loser’s raceWithout endOh Angellina

Angellina,was there someone you lovedWho left your heart broken?Your pretty eyesGive your deepest dark secrets awayOh Angellina so many who’d die for their eyesTo be closed by'Til morningYour smile is their kissAs they hang on to each word you say

Each butchered dream hasa matching face for each storyEach lonely heartIn this loser’s race without endOh Angellina.

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