Julia Boutros "Aweaa takun nasit | اوعى تكون نسيت" lyrics

Translation to: EN

أوعى تكون نسيت وتتركني وحيدة
ع طرقات بعيدة واتذكر شو حكيت
واصلي تا تجي ويهرب مني الوقت
متل بنفسجة عم تكبر ع السكت
عم تكبر عم تكبر ع السكت

شي مرة تعا على قلبي بلا موعد
ودقاتو سمعا تندهلك تا تسعد
ما بيعدلك قلب يقدر ينسى وعدو
ويترك يلي حبو ناطر وعدك وحدو

شو حلو الزمان يجمعنا ونقول
ما عاد في نسيان ونلتقي ع طول
لا انت توعدني ولا انطر وحيدة
تا تجي تاخدني من طرقات بعيدة

Don't forget me while leaving me alone
On far roads and I will remember what you said
I pray for you to come and the time is escaping from me ( time is passing by )
(I am) like a purple flower growing in the silence
(the follower ) it's growing up, it's growing up in the silence

Once come to my heart without an appointment
and hear its beating calling for you which will make you happy
There's no heart can forget it's promises
and (the heart) leave who it loved alone waiting for your promises

How beautiful it will be if the time made us meet and we will say
we will never forget and we will meet forever
where you will not promise and I will not wait alone
You will come to take me from the far road