Hani Shaker "Da wat farah" lyrics

Da wat farah

getlek hena 7asab el me3ad

getlek 3ashan anhy el be3ad

getlek a7aded 7ob 3omry eih masiro

getlek we sayeb bein eideiky khat seiro

getlek 3ashan abda2 ma3aky men gedid

getlek a3eish we a7lam be 3omry yekon sa3eed

geity bel khatwa el bati2a

geity be el de7ka el ra2i2a

geity zay ma 2olty gaya we fy me3adek be el de2i2a

ana lama shoftek 2alby tar men lahfety

we greet 3aliky we showky saba2 khatwety

gebt el seenin fy shereit 7azeen metgama3a

we we2eft fag2a we 3einy khaifa medama3a

we la2eet eideky fy shantetek we metala3a

da3wet fara7 , da3wet fara7

da3wet fara7 we fiha esmek ganb esmo

bardet eidaya we daa3 khayal 7elmy elly rasmo

el dahsha we el khoof we el 2alam

sakano malam7y , maba2etsh 3aref 2ala2y sowty we 2alam gar7y

ma32ool me3ad el fara7 yetbadel 2alam( he means that the happy times has exchanged with the bad times )

ma32ool seneen el fara7 yetweeha el nadam

tab geity we lih we 2asdek eih men el lo2a

geity 3ashan termeeny fy 7odn el sha2a

mabrook 3aliky el fara7 we 3alia el gera7

mosh howa dah 7elmek khalas emsh ba2a

emshy ba2a

wedding invitation

I came to you here , just at the time

I came to you to end the separation

I came to you to determine the fate of my lovelife

I came to you , leaving it's Itinerary ( my life's ride ) between your hands

I came to you , to have a new start with you

I came to you , to live and dream for my life to be happy

you came with a slow step

you came with a sweet smile

you came just in the time like you said , at the specified minute

when I saw you my heart flyed from it's yearning

I ran to you , with my yearning Preceded my step

I brought the years all in a sad tape

and I stood with my eyes afraid and teared

and I found your hand in your purse getting out a ...

a wedding invitation , a wedding invitation

a wedding invitation with your name next to his name

my hands was cold as the imagined dream I drawn ( drew ) was lost

the surprise , th fear and the pain

they 've lived in my features ( facial features ) . I couldn't find my voice or the pain of my hurt

Is it possible for the wedding times to replace pain

Is it possible that the wedding years ends with Penitence ( regrets )

then why did you come , what did you mean by meeting ( the date they organised to meet )

you came to thraw me in the arms of Misery

congratulations for your wedding and for my misery

Isn't that your dream , okay , come on , go away

go away

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