Ishtar "Habibi" lyrics

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Sawah, wana mashee layaleeSawah, walla daree bhaleeSawah, meil for-a ya ghaleeSawah, eih elee garaleeWeisneen

Weisneen wana dayeib bsho' wei haneenAyeiz a-araf bass taree-u meinein

Wein laakom habibee, saleimulee aleiTameinuneel asmaranee, amla eil el ghorba fee


Vagabond, I'm walking all nightVagabond, not knowing what I'm doingVagabond, and the separation, oh my dearVagabond, what has happened to me?And years

years, and I'm melting in loneliness and tendernessI want to know just where is his [her] road

And if you see my beloved, say "Hello" to him[her]Reassure me: how is my brown-looking girl doing so far away

Here one can find the English lyrics of the song Habibi by Ishtar. Or Habibi poem lyrics. Ishtar Habibi text in English. This page also contains a translation, and Habibi meaning.