Gloria Estefan "Say" lyrics


Ain't much for promisesBut I'm a fool for your sweet caressDon't mean to be obsessedBut all that I can do is guess

And when I miss youI try to keep my headBut when I kiss youMy heart speaks out instead

And if it's someone elseI'd rather be just by myselfYour honesty would helpRight now it seems so hard to tellDon't wanna worry, but is our love aliveI'm hurry, my feelings I can't hide

ChorusSay do you say, won't you say you love meSay do you say, that you need me stillSay won't you say that we'll stay togetherSay we always will

Faithfully yours my love is real babeIf that is what you wantThen I'll be there'Cause I feel so sure this is the real thingMy heart with you will stay


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