Elton John "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" lyrics

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Don't go breaking my heartI couldn't if I triedHoney if I get restlessBaby you're not that kind

Don't go breaking my heartYou take the weight off meHoney when you knock on my doorI gave you my key

Nobody knows itWhen I was downI was your clownNobody knows itRight from the startI gave you my heartI gave you my heart

So don't go breaking my heartI won't go breaking your heartDon't go breaking my heart

And nobody told us`Cause nobody showed usAnd now it's up to us babeI think we can make it

So don't misunderstand meYou put the light in my lifeYou put the sparks to the flameI've got your heart in my sights

Here one can find the lyrics of the song Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John. Or Don't Go Breaking My Heart poem lyrics. Elton John Don't Go Breaking My Heart text. Also can be known by title Dont Go Breaking My Heart (Elton John) text.