Rashed AlMajid "Elhadaya (الهدايا)" lyrics

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Elhadaya (الهدايا)

اعذريني يالهدايا .. لو هملتك في الزواياماني متحمل أشوفك .. واللي جابك مو معايا

اللي جابك وينه عني .. يا ترى زعلان منيما درى إني في غيابه .. كم شكيته للمرايا

راح وخلاني لحالي .. شفتي ويش سوى في حاليخبريني ويش اسوي .. لو عشق قلبه سوايا

قولي لو هو حب غيري .. وش يكون اسمه مصيريغير أموت أنا فمكاني .. وأترك الدنيا ورايا

The Gifts

Excuse me oh gifts, if I abandoned you in the cornersI can't bear seeing you when the one who brought you isn't with me

Where is she who brought you? I wonder if she's upset with meUnaware that in her absence, I've complained about her so many times to the mirror

She went and left me alone.. See what I'm doing to myself?Tell me what can I do, if her heart loves someone else?

Tell me, if she loved someone else, what would be my fateother than dying in my place.. and leaving the world behind

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