Rashed AlMajid "Shertan Elthahab (شرطان الذهب)" lyrics

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Shertan Elthahab (شرطان الذهب)

لف شرطان الذهب فوق المتونلفها يوم التوت فوق البياض

خاف غضّات الصبايا يزعلونسيّدات البيض ما فيه اعتراض

إن حكى، غصبٍ عليهم يسكتونوإن سكت، تسكت معه كل الرياض

يا جماعة، يوم سلهم بالعيونقال: يا رمشي، من (السامر) تقاض

لو هو ما خلّى المدامع يرحمونكان متنا يوم برق العين ناض

ياصل الله يا عيونٍ تقطعونوتهلكون الحي بصحاحٍ مراض

The Golden Stripes

She tied her golden stripes 1 up She tied it up when it bothered her beautiful fair skin

She didn't want other girls to feel jealous Those the most beautiful white girls, no doubt!

When she talks, it's a must for everyone else to shut up And when she is silent, the whole city of Riyadh 2become silent too

Oh people, when she looks at me It's like she ordered her eyelashes to have revenge of me

If she wasn't easy on me I would have died when I saw that sparkle in her eyes

Allah will bring us together again You, who threw me in the nest of the well-ill people 3