Ferhat Göçer "Sevincim Ol" lyrics

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Sevincim Ol

Ozledim bak kokun gecmez sar?lsam yeniden

Tad?n kald? dudag?mda dokundugum tenden

Sevincim ol b?km?s?m dertten

Hayat?m ol olmusum derken

Bazen umit bazen tasa gozyas? cok zaman

Icim senle dolu ahh tas?yor sevdadan

Sevincim Ol

see i ve missed,even tough i touch you once again your smell cant stay with me

your flavor stuck in my teeth which the skin that i ve touched

be my joy , i am sick and tired of anxiety

saying , be my life , i am dying

sometimes hope sometimes anxiety tears time to time

my heart is full of you yup overflows

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