AC/DC "The Razor's Edge" lyrics

The Razor's Edge

There's fighting on the leftAnd marching on the rightDon't look up in the skyYou're gonna die of frightHere comes the razor's edge

You're living on the edgeDon't know wrong from rightThey're breathing down your neckYou're running out of livesAnd here comes the razor's edgeHere comes the razor's edgeThe razor's edge

Razor's edge, to raise the deadRazor's edge, to cut to shredsTo raise the dead

Here comes the razor's edgeHere comes the razor's edgeWell here it comes to cut to shredsThe razor's edge

At the razor's edgeWell, you're at razor's edgeTo be cut to shredsYou're on razor's edgeOn a razor's edge

Here one can find the lyrics of the song The Razor's Edge by AC/DC. Or The Razor's Edge poem lyrics. AC/DC The Razor's Edge text. Also can be known by title The Razors Edge (AC-DC) text.