AC/DC "Play Ball" lyrics

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Play Ball

Listen, pick me upFill my cupPour me another roundCome on man, mix in the sinCome in and join the crowdI said it's party timeWhen I'm on the looseMake it feel alrightListen, drinks all aroundI'm in the moodBecause the night is mine

Let's play ballShoot down the walls, yeahLet's play ball, babyBattin' down the stallsPlay, play, play ball

Listen Sid, light me upI'm in loveI'm all regional nowDive on in and swim in the ginCome on, shout it out loud

Let's play ballShooting down the wall, yeahLet's play ballBattin' down the stalls, yeahPlay, play, play ball

Let's play ballShooting at a wallLet's play ballAnd never stallLet's play ballLet's play ballLet's play ballPlay, play, play ball

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