Sting "The Hounds of Winter" lyrics

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The Hounds of Winter

Mercury fallingI rise from my bedcollect my thoughts togetherI have to hold my headit seems that she’s goneand somehow I am pinned bythe hounds of winterhowling in the wind

I walk through the daymy coat around my earsI look for my companionI have to dry my tearsit seems that she’s goneleaving me too soonI’m as dark as DecemberI’m as cold as the man in the moon

(Refrain:)I still see her faceas beautiful as dayit’s easy to rememberremember my love that wayall I hear is thatlonesome soundthe hounds of winterthey follow me down.

I can’t make up the firethe way that she couldI spend all my daysin the search for dry woodboard all the windowsand close the front doorI can’t believeshe won’t be here any more.


A season for joyA season for sorrowWhere she's goneI will surely, surely followShe brightened my dayShe warmed the coldest nightThe Hounds of WinterThey got me in their sights

I still see her faceAs beautiful as dayIt's easy to rememberRemember my love that wayAll I hear is that lonesome, lonesome soundThe Hounds of WinterThey harry me down

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