Yasmine Hamdan "Anta Alhawa (انت الهوي)" lyrics

Translation to: EN

تعالى نشدو المنى و الغرام
كفانا البعد هيام
تعال قبل انقضاء الشباب
و موت الحب و انقطاع الرجاء
أنت الهوى أنت ملئ الأماني
حياتي أنت فداك أنت
دنيا الغد الأحلام و الغزل و القبل و كل الآمال

Come on, Let's sing out our desires and love.
We had enough distraction out of parting.
Come as we are still youthful,
as love is not dead yet and hope keeps on existing.1
You are the love. You are all my wishes.
You are my life.My whole life belongs to you.2
(You're) my tomorrow, the dreams, the kisses and all my hopes.