Shahzoda (Uzbekistan) "Ursa" lyrics

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Sen kerak, sen kerak, sen kerak! (3x)

lf beats

Whe' is the moon ? , why is the sky so dreary ?İt's stars noughting night !The moment when you are not being along me,The world is such a dreary place for me.Abondens me all desires,lf along me being not you.

lf beats, lf beats, lf beats,It repeats,ends not,At every beat, says your name, the heart!lf burns, burns, burnsTo my burning heart, you are needed!You are needed, you are, you are!

You are my breath at every moment,You are essential for me to live.You are all my desire, all l dream of.Although you love, you are just too stubborn,Now, l would have no regrets in life,lf you were only by my side...

Here one can find the English lyrics of the song Ursa by Shahzoda (Uzbekistan). Or Ursa poem lyrics. Shahzoda (Uzbekistan) Ursa text in English. This page also contains a translation, and Ursa meaning.