Mashrou' Leila "بحر" lyrics

Translation to: EN

يا ليل احجبني, حجبني بعتمتك
يا ليل مليني, قويني بعتمتك
اخويا شاف السر, شاف السر كان حايبوح
اخويا جوة الموج, جوة الموج عم بينوح

و الصيادين نايمين

يا بحر رجعلي, رجعلي اخويا
الموج سرقلي, سرقلي اخويا
اخدته حد البحر خلي المية تطهره
اخدته حد البحر, دبغت الموج بدمه

و الصيادين غافلين, خامدين, نايمين

اخويا مع الحورية, رجعوه ليا
الموج اخدلي اخويا, رجعوه ليا

اخويا راح مع الفجر, رجعوه ليا
اخويا بقعر البحر, لسه ما عاد ليا

oh night, shelter me, shelter me by your darkness
oh night, fill me, strengthen me by your darkness
my brother, he saw the secret and was about to reveal
my brother, he's inside the waves, whining

and the fishermen are all asleep

oh sea, return my brother, return my brother back to me
the waves robbed, they robbed my brother
I took him to the sea, perhaps the water would purify him
I took him to the sea, stained the water with his blood

and the fishermen, they're all incurious, inactive and sleeping

my brother's with the mermaid, return him back to me
the waves has took my brother, return him back to me

my brother's gone with dawn, return him back to me
my brother is in the bottom of the sea, he hasn't came back yet