Sunrise Avenue "Happiness" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: FI DE HU

I've been running far away from home,
I've been trying to rise above,
Thought, I've been cooler with no one,
and I thougt it would be easy, I thougt it's easy.
Baby, there was not a warning sign on you,
there was nothing, I could do.
You opend all the gates for me
and you make me see, that is easy.
You just feel the love and sing:

Better for worse to rain or shine,
now you're mine. It's bring me
happiness, happiness, happiness.
You call me dear and hold me close,
give sweet love and it glows
happiness, happiness, happiness,
you are the one, you bring me happiness.

Lately she's been dreaming about the one,
about her prince, the golden son.
She's waiting for the perfect match
but that ain't quite to catch.
It's really easy: She should find someone who sing:


Bill and Johnny found a brand new life
in their bedroom Bill is the wife,
they holding hands and kisses deep
and they don't need no ladies for them,
It's so damn easy (10 x)