Sunrise Avenue "Not again" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: FI DE

I've been trying to love myself for real,
I've been trying not to feel what I feel,
I've been trying to be a bit less mistaken.
It was real the feeling I had for you
and you told me how you need me too.
Everyone kept saying, it's not the real thing.

How dare you break my lonely heart,
and you dance on the pieces,
being with you just tares me apart,
not again and again.
Take your love and leave me behind,
realize, we're mistaken,
I don't need to be torn down,
Not again and again.

I've been wanting to die, just so you know,
trying to show them all, how I'm alone,
I've been hating my bedroom in the night.
I've seen heaven and hell with you,
I believed the lies you said, were true.
I've been trying to grow, I've been holding on,
I've been trying to be strong.


Once again I just want to feel something true,
Once again I just want to get closer to you,
Nothing will ever change anyway,
This is all we have.
Not again will I lie to myself.
Not again, not again, not again .....

Chorus (2x).