Zekra "El-asami الأسامي." Liedtext

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الاسامى هى هى
والقلوب اتغيرت
والسنين رايحة وجاية
والامانى اتبعثرت
واللى راح من عمرى راح
واحنا ملينا الرجوع
خد زمنا الشوق وراح
ولا هتجيبوا الدموع
ما القلوب اتغيرت
والاسامى هى هى
ويا ليالي ايه
يا ترى فى ايه هيجري
يا ليالي آآه ..
قلبى خايف يجي بكرة
تجرح الايام قلوبنا .
واللي بينّا يبقى ذكرى
يا زمن غدار جارحنا
يا زمن غدار
مهما جي سهمك جرحنا
باقي فينا الحب لسه لسه باقي
واحنى برضه زي محنا

The names are the same
and the hearts have changed
and the years come and go
and the wishes have gotten scattered
And whatever has gone from my life is gone
And we are tired of going back
Our time took away the passion and went away
Or will tears bring it back?
Well, the hearts have changed
and the names are still the same
And oh, nights
I wonder what's going to happen
Oh, nights, oh..
My heart is afraid tomorrow will come
and days will wound our hearts
and that what is between us becomes a memory
Oh time1, you are treacherous, you wound us
Oh treacherous time1
No matter how many times your arrow wounded us
Love still remains inside of us
And we are still remaining the same as we are