Ziad Rahbani "3ayshe wa7da balak (عايشة وحدها بلاك)" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

عايشة وحدها بلاك
وبلا حبك يا ولد
حاج تحكي عن هواك
ضحكت عليك البلد

بتحبها أيه بتحبها
لاكن هي فيك ياما بلاك

عايشة وحدها بلاك
وعايفة الله وسماك
شو الله بلاك ياولد

عايشة وحدها و مرتاحة ولو شو مرتاحة بلاك
يا أبو العيون الدباحة مش فارق معها حنان
دوبني دوب دبت وهيى مدابت مش اول مرة قبلها مئة مرة
لا قدروا فهمو عئلاتك ولا قدروا عرفو دواك

قايللي في إشارة بعيونها صوبك بتدل
كل ما بتمرق بالحارة بشوفها تطلع بالكل
حاجي تحلل بحياتك تسلملي تحليلاتك
من مرة لمرة عم ترجع لورا

Living all by herself without you
And without your love, my boy
Quit talking about your love for her
The whole country is laughing at you

You love her? Yeah, you love her
But she couldn't care less about you

Living all by herself without you
Disgusted by God and your heaven
What has God afflicted you with my boy?

Living by herself and comfortable
Seriously, soooo comfortable without you
She has killer eyes, it makes no difference if you care about her
She said to you "melt me with your love" and you melted and she didn't
It's not the first time, before that it's happened 100 times
They can't figure out what you're thinking, nor do they know what will cure you

You're telling me it's a sign that her eyes are always pointed at you
Whenever she comes through the neighborhood I see her looking at everyone
Quit analyzing your life, hand over those analyses of yours
From one time to the next you're going backwards
The children of our neighborhood never knew how to love, except you