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Haggard "Origin of a Crystal Soul" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: RO RU ES

As dawn is weaving between fallen autumn leaves
The poor ones gather under naked trees
Asking how to survive, 'cause the winter breaks
And medieval coldness now from a deep sleep awakes

Libera me, domine, de morte aeterna in die illa tremenda
[Free me, oh Lord, from eternal death on that terrible day]

It's December, 14th 1503, as the ones above stop their mourning
As the one arrived - selected to foresee - something changed without a warning!
(Libera me, domine, de morte aeterna in die illa tremenda)
[Free me, oh Lord, from eternal death on that terrible day]

Es war geboren in des Christengottes Zeit
[It was born in the time of Christian God]
Ein Bub - so die Legende - mit des Schöpfer's Fähigkeit
[A boy - so says the legend - with the Creator's power]
Zu sehen, was sein wird, im Verborgenen, unerkannt
[To see what will be, in obscurity, unknown]
Denn der mit dem Leumund des Ketzers würd' öffentlich verbrannt
[Then he that's known as a heretic would publicly be burnt]

Die Hand, die - greifend nach dem Schönen - blutet von der Rose Dorn
[The hand, that - reaching for the fair - is bleeding from the rose's thorn]
Der Trieb der Menschen Habgier, bestraft durch Gottes Zorn
[The human instinct of greed, punished by the God's wrath]
Er, der Spiegel eurer Seele, spürt die Trauer, Kummer, Gram
[He, the mirror of your souls, senses the mourning, grief, sorrow]
Er, der Träger dieses Namens: Michael de Notre Dame
[He who bears this name: Michael de Notre Dame]