25Band "Bavar" Liedtext

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I don't no how to spell the Persian lyrics I was hoping it can be done for me I'm new to this site


Chorus: Let's believe that for at least the next few years together we can pave the way for the next generation Don't say we are the wasted generation Don't say we lost in the game of life We faced limits but we had energy We planted love, we plucked hatred Even though we had nothing (to work with)

Rap: Take your life in your hands Don't say it's not mine Don't say I'm unlucky Don't say it was like this since the start (Don't say) every house we built fell by morning Feel the future, see tomorrow Raise your hands and touch the clouds Know that a raindrop is the essence of the cloud and he who jumps in the rain needs no umbrella Don't say I've been cold (Don't say) it's been hard to feel warmth Say that you've decided to reach the peak Not that you will die like a snowman in the end Seek out inspiration and you will find it And if you want something don't give up till you get it Be born once again and you will realize how beautiful life is.