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Serj Tankian "Hay Axjik" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

Hay axjik annman
chka demqid hayi nshan
achqerd nayiryan lcvel en otarutyamb
otar dashteri mej pntrum em
ur e caxikn im haykakan
bayc qamin arden tanum e nranc [email protected] nayiryan

de zartneq hay mayrer
mi toxeq vor nranq korchen
de stapveq hay hayrer
dzer xratnerin nranq karot en
nranc hogin der shat pxrun e
mi nor bacvac caxki nman
qamu ujic nranq shexvum en
mi anorosh barzrutyamb

hay axjik nayiryan
ete es qez mi or tesnem
sev mazerd cackvac
guce es qez chcanachem
bayc qo hogin es haskanum em
chuni [email protected] qez nman
es qo achqeri mej

Unmatched Armenian girl,
You have no Armenian feature on your face,
Your Armenian (Nairian) eyes have filled with strangeness,
I am searching in foreign fields,
Where is my Armenian flower?
But the wind is already taking away their Armenian (Nairian) flavor.

Wake up Armenian mothers
Don't let them get lost
Wake up Armenian fathers
They lack your advice
Their soul is still very light
Like a newly opened flower
They bend with an uncertain height
To the wind power.

Armenian girl
If I see you one day
With your black hair covered
Maybe I will not recognize you
But I understand your soul
The world doesn't have another you