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Tropico Band "Mrve od ljubavi" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN RU

Strah od reci
jer odavno je nasa svaka pogresna
bol u kostima
kad ljubav kao bolest telo napusta

I ne znam ko si ti
i ne znam ko sam ja
u postelji od leda
zabole dodiri
jer srce novoj lazi
blizu ne da

Mrve od ljubavi nase kupimo
za par losih razloga sto smo zajedno
mrve od ljubavi, one velike
nikad nije bilo teze
s usana da sidje volim te

Strah od dodira
jer kao led si kad te dotaknem kroz san
laz na usnama
a tvoje ime vise i ne izgovaram

Fear of the words
Cause ours have been wrong since a long time ago
Pain in the bones
When love leaves the body like a sickness does

And I don't know who are you
And I don't know who am I
In sheets of ice
Touches hurt
Cause heart doesn't give way
to a new lie

We collect crumbs of our love
For a couple of bad reasons that we're together for
Crumbs of love, the large ones
It was never harder for
an "I love you" to come from the lips

Fear of the touch
Cause you're like ice when I touch you through my dream
Lie on the lips
And I don't even say your name no more