Meda "Pa Fat" Liedtext

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Sa t´kam dasht e jam plagos
dashurija spaska moshë
ah kjo zemer dhimbje ka
sikur sod me u pas nda
sa tkam puth jam helmu
ti ke humb un skam fitu
kam gabuuu..

Refrain: [2x]
pa fat - un kam lind
pa fat - une kam me vdek
pa fat - un do t´jetoj
pa fat - sa t´ësht kjo jete..

Te kam pas e te kam humb
ah ti shpresat mi ke kput
me ke lan dhimbje ne zemer
smundja ime - s´paska emer..
sa t´kam puth jam helmu
ti ke humb un skam fitu
kam gabuuu...

How am I took the injured
love does not age somewhat
ah it has heart pain
today as was then divided
while I'm poisoned kiss
you have to lose I did not have won
I made ​​a wrong ..

Refrain: [2x]
no luck - I've incurred
no luck - I've died
no luck - I shall live
no luck - as it is this life ..

To have then to have lost
ah you have understood my expectations
to have pain in the heart lan
my illness - not the name somewhat ..
while I'm poisoned kiss
You have lost I've won featureless
I made ​​a wrong ..