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Poni "Si trëndafil" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN DE EL IT

Dashuria shuhet ne heshtje si (ndahet) trendafili ne (hedhje) i think it's etje not hedhje
tani kam nevoj per buzeqeshjen qe ma fale ti.
Pa ty shume i ftohte eshte janari,
pa ty nuk me ngroh as zjarri,
ti ishe i pari qe zgjove ndjenjat pa kufij.
I heshtur eshte momenti i heshtur je dhe ti,
e heshtur eshte biseda o me ne te dy.
Tani gjerat kuptohen,
cdo gje kerkon shpjegim kur gjerat komplikohen se cdo fillim ka nje mbarim.
Shume e brisht eshte dashuria,ndoshta shume e brishte jam une per ty,
po ku ndodhet lumturia qe une e kisha me ty.
E kujtoj shpesh situaten ateher kur ish si trendafil,
trendafili tani vyshket,
vyshket pa jete....

love ends in silence, like a rose when it separates from thirst
now what i need is that smile that you gave me
without you January is too cold
without you not even fire warms me
you were the first, that awoke feelings without borders
the moment is silenced, you are silent as well
the conversation between the two of us is silenced
now everything is understood
everything needs an explanation, when things get complicated, because every beginning has an end
this love is too brittle(fragile), maybe i'm too brittle for you
where is the happiness/bliss that i had with you
i often reminisce/remember the situation(relationship) when it was like a rose
the rose is now shriveled
shriveled without life