Adelina Ismajli "Qind për qind zeshkanë" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

edhe mbreme si gjithmon
me tjetren te pash
shpejt nga karikja u qova
ne sy shpull ta dhash

jojo, (o pa pa*, ) me mu dredhina ska
jam qind per qind zeshkane
pa frym mund te la jojo me mu dredhina ska

jo smu dhimse aspak
shoqeria kur te shikoj
edhe as bukuroshja jote syt kur i rrutulloji**
jo smu dhimse aspak

*pa pa is just another form of "o po po" it's like oh my, or oh no

** - i couldn't really hear this last word, but it sounds like its zdrudhdulloj or rrutulloj or something which either means rolls eyes, wrinkles eyes or dodges :S haha sorry!

e ateher te diskoteka
te kerri yt shpejtova
me shokt e mi pa kerra gjamat ti coptova

also yesterday as always
i saw you with another
i got up quickly from my seat
i gave a slap among your eyes

no no, oh no, there are no twists and turns with me
i am 100% brunette
i can't accept it without a breath, no no, there are no games with me

i didn't hurt for you at all
or your friends when i see you
and neither your pretty girlfriend, when she rolls her eyes
no i didn't hurt for you at all

and that time at the club
i ran to your car
me and my friends without a ride, smashed your windows