Adelina Ismajli "Mbretëreshë e robëreshë" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

Dikush thote se moti jam qmendur,
tjeret mendojne se jam e menqur,
degjoj fjale se jam xheloze
disa thone se jam nervoze.

Nganjehere me quajne gjeniale
Edhe pse shpesh jam banale
ata bam, e une bam-bam
shpesh nuk di as vet si jam,

Por nje gje sigurt e di
mbreti im je vetem ti.


Per ty jam une mbretereshe
per ty dhe robereshe
ndoshta kjo eshte qmenduri
qmenduri, per dashuri.

Dhe as ti nuk je i sigurt
a jam e eger, apo jam e urte
ky rast kurr s’ka me u ndriqu
se as vet s’di me tregu.

Kur je i keq dua te shkaterroj
kur i mire, shpirtin ta dhuroj
nese m’do, per ty do te vdes
n’kofsh bektesh, e merr vesh.

one says that this year i have gone crazy
others think i am intelligent
i hear words (gossip) that i am jealous
some say that i am nervous/ jittery

at times they call me genial
because i quickly turn vulgar
they go "bam" and i go "bam bam" (right back)* this means that tries to out do others
often i don't know how i am myself

but one thing i know for sure
you are my only king


i am a queen for you
and also a slave
maybe this is madness
crazy for love

and you aren't sure either
am i wild or am i tamed
this chance has never shone
'cause i couldn't for tell myself

when you are bad i want to ruin you
when you are good, i grant you my soul
if you love me, i will die for you
if you are a (bektesh?), you understand.