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Riblja Čorba "Rat je završen" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN RU

Rat je završen
svet je savršen
živi, mrtvi i ranjeni
svi zajedno sahranjeni
ali rat je završen

Ne zna se ko je dobio
ne zna se ko je izgubio
svako je ponekog ubio
a rat je završen
srećom, rat je završen

Lepi plavooki Bog
sve odozgo gleda
ali dobri Bog
ima posla svog
Bože pravde

A ona dečurlija
ona balavurdija
više ih nema, nego što ima
i niko ne zna šta je sa njima
a rat je završen

Ja nikog nisam ubio
ja nikom nisam presudio
ja nikog nisam povredio
ja nikog nisam pobedio
a rat je završen


The war is over
The world is perfect
The living, the dead and the wounded
are buried all together
But the war is over

We don't know who won
We don't know who lost
Everyone killed someone
And the war is over
Luckily, the war is over

The beautiful blue-eyed God
Is watching it all from above
But the good God
has its own work to do
God of justice

And those children
Those young ones
More are missing than they are present
And nobody knows what happened to them
But the war is over

I didn't kill anyone
I didn't judge anyone
I didn't hurt anyone
I didn't defeat anyone
But the war is over