Majid Kharatha "Khoda negahdar azizam" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

khoda negahdar azizam
amma nemishe bavaram
toye cheshmam negah nakon
in lahze haye akhaaram
akhe chetoor delam biyad
cheshmato geryoon bebinam
miram vali ino bedoon
chashm entezaret mishinam
miram vali gerye nakon
nazar az eshghet bemiram
agar to oje bi kasi
ba axet aroom begiram
miram vali bedoon
yeki kheyli toro dooset dare
yeki ke az doriye to
sar be biyaboon mizare
khoda negahdar azizam
khoda negahdar azizam
khoda negahdar
khoda negahdar
khoda negahdar azizam
daram miram az in diyar
inja kasi mano nakhast
to ham mano tanha bezar
inja gharib boodam
vali hichki naporsid az kojam
mosaferam bayad beram
gerye nakon khoda nakhast
doosam nadashti amma
man adat kardam be boodanet
gharib boodam
namrdoma toro azam robodanet
miram vali ino bedoon
faghat toee dalile boodan
mehmoon navazi kardanet

goodbye my dear
but I cant believe
dont look into my eyes...
even in this last mintues
how can my heart accept it?
to see your eyes which are teary
I will go but do know it...
I will be waiting for you
I will go but dont cry
dont let me die from your love
if in the climax of loneliness
I hush myself with your photo
I will go but do know...
some one loves you so much
some one who from you distance...
goes to desert (he bacomes crazy)
goodbye my dear
goodbye my dear
goodbye my dear
I'm leaving this land
nobody wanted me here
leave me alone too
I was stranger here (I had nobody here)
but nobody asked me: where am I from
I'm a passenger, I have to go
dont cry, God didnt want(that I stay here)
you didnt love me but...
I used to you
I was stranger
the others thieved you from me
I will go but do know...
(that) you are my only reason for being alive
(and) your kindness with your guest