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Diana Haddad "Elly Bahebbo Masry (اللي بحبه مصري)" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

اللى بحبه اصلي
وشاغلني ياني
اللى بحبه اصلي
عارف نفسه اصلي
وتاعبني ياني
ايوه حبيبي مصري
شقي وحلنجي
وغالي عندي اي والله
عندي ومعاكس
وكتير مشاكش
رغم ده كله
انا حباه

يامصرى بحبك
لله فى لله

عنده طريقه سهله وبسيطه
لما ازعل يدلع
طيبه قلبه باينه في عيونه
ابن بلد ومجدع

The one I love is such a stunner
And he's on my mind all the time, oh my
The one I love is such a stunner
Well, he knows himself
And he's making me grow weary, oh my
Yes my love is Egyptian
He's naughty and sly
He has a silver tongue
And he's so precious to me, oh I swear it
He's stubborn and goes against the grain
Many times he's a troublemaker
And despite all this
I love him

Oh, Egyptian.. I love you
I love you
with no reasons needed

He has an easy and simple method
When I'm upset, he spoils me
The kindness of his heart is apparent in his eyes
A chivalrous man with a noble attitude.