Backstreet Boys "In Your Arms" Songtext

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In Your Arms

Out in the darkest placeWith this a thousand shades of blueEveryone looks the sameAnd then your light came into view

[Pre-Chorus:]You stop my heart and got me sayin'Where did you come from?It's like you fell above of the sky to save meAn angel from the sun

[Chorus:]I could live foreverIn your arms, in your armsBaby, we can fly togetherTo the stars, back to MarsEverywhere you goMy future it's with you from tonightI could live foreverIn your arms, in your arms

And when I touch your faceIt's shows me worlds I never knownFrozen in time and spaceDon't want to let this moment go



Stay with me, come stay with me forever, and everTakin' me, you're taking me to heaven, to heaven

I could live forever, in your arms, in your armsBaby, we could fly together, to the stars, back to Mars


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