Fadl Shaker "Elli Inta Shayfu" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

El jar7 byeb2a sahel f2awelo
Yeb2a leh elbo3d benna n2agelo

W eli enta shayfo ya 7abebi 3melo
Eli enta jay 3ashan t2olo kamelo
Keda aw keda 7ekayatna mish 7aytawelo
Yeb2a leh el bo3d benna n2agelo

Eh ya3ni law 7ande3 ba3dak youmen
Eh ya3ni law 7andama3 dam3etin
Egra7ni delaw2ti balash ba3din
Da el jar7 beyeb2a sahel f2awelo

En 3eshna w en kan lena 3omr wfakarak

En kont ba2i 3alek w khalene akhsarak

W ana mish 7a2ol be3det leh w eih ghayarak

W el bo3d law kan sa3b bokra asahelo

the pain seems to be easy at the begining
so why should we delay the separation

If you know what to do about it.. just do it
whatever you came to say.. say it
sooner or later our story wont live long
so why should we delay the separation?

so what If I'll be lost for a couple of days
so what if I'll drip a couple of tears
hurt me now dont wait with it..
cause the pain seems to be easy at the begining

If we'll live.. and if I kept think about you

if I were really meant to lose you

I promise I wont ask why you went away or what changed about you

And if the distance was too hard.. I'll make it easy