Beyoncé "Yes" Songtext

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(Chorus)I said yes to your numberAnd yes to you dating meYes we can be togetherBut you gotta wait for meThe first time i said noIts like I never said yesI said yes we can be togetherYes you can stay with meBut when I say no not tonightYou actin' so ungratefullyThe first time I said noIts like I never said yes

You was on the wallI was with my crewYou was watching me babyI was watching youSlowly you walked overI maintained my coolYou said hello to meI said hello to you

You ask me where I'm fromI asked you what you doYou some how intrigued meI thought you were so coolSomewhere between hi and goodbyeI felt so comfortableI felt like we could talk all nightSo I gave my number to you


Certainly you can call me babyI love to hear from youYes of course you can come and see me boyI wanna get to know you moreSure I'm feeling youNo baby, not yetWe can't take that next stepWhy you getting so upset, boy youAct as though I never told you yes beforeYou are so ungratefulummm ummm ummm

You was at my houseI was sitting on the couchYou was really bugginSo I told you to get outI had been misjudging youYou had a lotta nerve, youToo damn old to be so immatureI hope you learnYou said I move to slowI showed you to the doorYou said you call me laterI said don't call no moreIts cool if you can't wait for meI'm glad you let me knowCuz you showed me your true face babyThe first time I said no


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