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Beyoncé "Yes" paroles

Traduction vers: FI ES TR

I said yes to your number
And yes to you dating me
Yes we can be together
But you gotta wait for me
The first time i said no
Its like I never said yes
I said yes we can be together
Yes you can stay with me
But when I say no not tonight
You actin' so ungratefully
The first time I said no
Its like I never said yes

You was on the wall
I was with my crew
You was watching me baby
I was watching you
Slowly you walked over
I maintained my cool
You said hello to me
I said hello to you

You ask me where I'm from
I asked you what you do
You some how intrigued me
I thought you were so cool
Somewhere between hi and goodbye
I felt so comfortable
I felt like we could talk all night
So I gave my number to you


Certainly you can call me baby
I love to hear from you
Yes of course you can come and see me boy
I wanna get to know you more
Sure I'm feeling you
No baby, not yet
We can't take that next step
Why you getting so upset, boy you
Act as though I never told you yes before
You are so ungrateful
ummm ummm ummm

You was at my house
I was sitting on the couch
You was really buggin
So I told you to get out
I had been misjudging you
You had a lotta nerve, you
Too damn old to be so immature
I hope you learn
You said I move to slow
I showed you to the door
You said you call me later
I said don't call no more
Its cool if you can't wait for me
I'm glad you let me know
Cuz you showed me your true face baby
The first time I said no