Michael Jackson "Slave To The Rhythm" Songtext

Slave To The Rhythm

She dances in the sheets at nightsShe dances to his needsShe dances 'til he feels just rightUntil he falls asleepShe dances at the crack of dawnand quickly cooks his foodShe can't be late, can't take too longThe kids must get to school

[Chorus (2x):]She's a slave to the rhythmShe's a slave to the rhythm ofShe's a slave to the rhythmA a slave to the rhythm ofThe rhythm of love, the rhythm of love

She dances for the man at workWho works her overtimeShe can't be rude as she saysSir, "I must be home tonight"She dances to the kitchen stoveDinner is served by nineShe sets his food an hour lateShe must be outta her mind


She works so hard, just to make her wayFor a man who just don't appreciateAnd though he takes her love in vainStill she could not stop, couldn't break his chainsShe danced the night that they fell outShe swore she'd dance no moreBut then she did, she did not quitas she ran out the door

She danced through the night in fear of her lifeShe danced to a beat of her ownShe let out a cry and swallowed her prideShe knew she was needed back home, home


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