Слова песни "Fools like me" Vanessa Carlton

Beware the danger it lurks for those who get swept away
The dreamers get punished most by the truth
They say it's all in the little ways one reveals their
Love's gone away, love's gone away

When my hand was in you hand my heart was pure
Now I see a different man, rewriting memories
The dogs run down the beach and all I'm left with is
Sand in my shoes, sand in my shoes

'Cuz fools like me
How we love blindly
And the cracks don't count
It's gotta break in front of me

Now I recall that time at the cafe
The thunderstorm outside words you could never say
They hold the loudest tones
You say you'll write but it's ink on a page
Just ink on a page


And tick tock the time
Distant look grows in your eyes
fools never ask afraid what lurks in your mind

I always knew
Somehow always knew
I always knew the truth

'Cuz fools like me
How we never see
and the cracks don't count
its gotta break in front of me
and It's breaking,
It's breaking
It's breaking

It's gotta break for me to see
At least I can say
I was not afraid
I loved you all the way
And I'd pick the fool any day