Слова песни "Karantouzeni (Καραντουζένι)" Markos Vamvakaris

Перевод на: EN

Éprepe na `rchósouna mánka
mes ton teké mas
kai n’ ákouges to baglamá
kai tis diplopeniés mas.

Na kátseis na `fcharistitheís
n’ akoúseis kai ligáki
théleis de thes na sikotheís
vólta gia zeïpekáki.

Ná `kouges to arampién
kai to karantouzéni
kai se ligáki thá `leges
o argilés tha génei.

Na sou fýgoun oi kaimoí
na spáseis ntalnkadáki
ap’ tis peniés pou thá `kouges
apó to bouzoukáki.

Dude, you should've come,
Into the hookah joint
And listened to the baglama1
And to the strumming of the chords

So you could sit down and enjoy
And listen for a bit
Whether you want to or not,
You will get up and dance zeibekiko2

So you could hear the arabien
And the karantouzeni3
And in just a little while,
You would say that the hookah can heal

So all your sorrows would disappear
And you would be free of your troubles,
Just by listening,
To the bouzouki's strumming of the chords4